Prairie Scapes Landscape Design
the possibilities are endless

We get frequent enquires about all sorts of stuff via phone / e-mail / or consultations ... Selected ones will be provided on this page.  If you have any other questions - please drop us a line:

  1. Do you provide landscape construction?     A./  No.   We provide professional landscape consultations or landscape design packages that provide you with more than enough information to complete all or parts of any project yourself.  We may also recommend local landscape contractors to you.
  2. Can you schedule appointments for evenings or weekends?    A./  Absolutely !  We understand you are busy and have many commitments.  We will commit to you - and to making things work out.  We do seek the daylight hours for much of the work we have to do, and we do attempt to schedule several appointments in the same locale on the same day - so that we may cut down on travel & reduce impacts to the environment.
  3. Where can I find rubber mulch / or rubber crumb?   A. /  None of our clients have advised us of their obtaining this (recycled) product.  Some research did identify an Edmonton manufacturer with a product page at: .  Blue Grass Garden Centre at Balzac does carry a rubberized mulch product.