Prairie Scapes Landscape Design
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Prairie Scapes takes pride in our designs.  We have high standards and aim to provide the best of customer service


 We offer two types of packages.

In each case we would like you to fill out the questionnaire so we may better assist you with your individual wants and needs. It's  helpful too, if you have a copy of your real property report.  Please send your completed questionnaire and copies of any attachments to


Before we visit, we ask you to call Alberta One Call @ 1-800-242-3447 for them to locate your buried utility lines. They need 3 working days' notice and the information is good for 14 days.


Package Number 1  - Consultation


  • A 2 hour consultation with a professional designer at your residence. The designer and you discuss what you would like from your landscape. A few sketches with some possible landscape options, along with plant selections ,are provided to you
  • You also receive a free gift book "Landscaping 1-2-3" with information specific for Plant Hardiness Zones 2-4
  • The fee for this service starts at $165 depending on where you reside. There is no charge for the consultation if you chose to upgrade to the Wild Rose package.


Package Number 2   - Wild Rose Package


The Wild Rose package provides you with all the essential details    and information for your landscape design.  It is attractive, gives you the professional design you need and does so at an affordable price.


Package includes:

3 visits to your home (or planned site)

    •  1 visit - discussing your questionnaire, completing a site analysis (includes taking measurements, photographs, and listing of all existing hard and softscapes). This provides the basis for a base plan and from this information a concept plan is drawn. The concept plan is emailed to you so you have ample time to look it over before the second visit.
    • 2 visit- Answering any questions, explaining  the concept design, and discussing any changes.
    • 3 visit- providing you with the finished package.


    This package also includes the following:

    • 3 black and white large format (24" x 36") representations of the master plan. These are done to scale.
    • plant list with plant care package
    • reproductions of selected digital photos taken on the 1st site visit with room for photos taken as your landscape develops
    •  Do-It-Yourself section
    •  A free gift book "Landscaping 1-2-3" with information specific for Plant Hardiness Zones 2-4
    • all package material will be contained in a personalized binder with a storage tube for 2 of the large format printouts

The fee for this package is from $995 for your entire yard (based on average lot size within 50 kms of our office near Bowden AB).