Prairie Scapes Landscape Design
the possibilities are endless

What matters to you?

Each day has its own demands.   Many of us have an every growing list of things to do, or things we hope to accomplish.   We hope to find time for ourselves and try to spend some quality time with our loved ones.


Make the time for yourself.   Make the time for others in that special place … a place where you feel comfort … a place you go for that needed R and R … a place where you grow … and the place you recreate YOU.


Where?  -   your own yard!   Not just any yard - But the yard that inspires you - inspires others - and makes a big statement about your values in life.


If you don't have that special retreat - or your yard needs some 'reworking' - a landscape plan is the start.  All things in life seem to follow the rule "It's 90% planning, and 10% doing that gets it done!"  Let Prairie Scapes do the planning. 

You just have to make the call.  CALL us at 403-224-2667.  You can also e-mail us at


A plan for now, and a plan for the future.  Start today! 


Prairie Scapes is built on integrity and value.  Check out some of the testimonials.